Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nuwach Spa

Nuwach, the Romanized form (pronounced as 'noo'-akh'), from the Hebrew term that translate literally to 'rest" and can be defined as a state of tranquility and quiescence; the embodiment of the philosophy of our spa. Busy urban dwellers are welcome to soothe their nerves and senses at our quaint yet luxurious spa located in the heart of the city.

At Nuwach, emphasis is placed on the preeminent pampering of the mind, body, and the recesses of the heart, through a range of signature treatments set in a revitalizing environment, designed to provide a unique and unrivaled spa experience. Escape into the lushness and serenity of our lavish treatment rooms, sweetly scented with an infusion of flowers and essential oils which might just lull you into sweet slumber.

Under the healing hands of our therapists, relax and indulge in an aromatic massage that will calm your senses, alleviate tired muscles, and moisturize the skin. Discover the true awakening of your body and senses at Nuwach.